Painting a brighter future for girls in Africa

SK8OLOGY: Fine Art On Skateboards

Sk8ology is teaming up with ISM: A Community Project to present “Sk8ology: fine art on skateboards,” a fund-raising exhibition that combines skateboard counter culture with the world of fine art.

The traveling exhibition showcases over 100 creative deck canvases from some of the most poignant and significant active artists and professional skaters. It opened on August 23 at the ISM: gallery in Long Beach.

The exhibition next appeared in San Diego for the Action Sports Retailer (ASR) Trade Show September 4-6. Then it traveled to Florida for the Surf Expo September 12-14.

Contributing artists and professional skaters are donating their creative deck canvases to raise awareness and support for Now That You Know™. A portion of the proceeds will benefit American youth as well through the artistic enrichment of their communities.

Visit the ISM: SK8OLOGY online charity auction and help support Now That You Know.


The Mwalimu Project

In Meru, Kenya is a small girls' school which struggles to keep its students coming back. It's not that the students don't like Mwalimu Academy. They are excited to learn. And they are excited for the promising future that is available through education. But most of their parents are subsistence farmers and they cannot afford even the modest fees it takes to send a girl to school. Some girls can only stay for one term. And then they must return to the fields to work until they raise enough money to come back. Or they give up and stay home.

"My family plants crops like corn, beans, peas and potatoes. They also keep animals like cows and goats. Sometimes we lack enough rainfall to grow our crops which give us money. That makes me not have the school fees."   - Judy M.

And it's not just school fees that need to be covered. There's the expense of transportation, and the cost of basic toiletries like soap, toothpaste and sanitary supplies. Learning is hard work. But not having that opportunity is even harder.

The hard facts are:

  • In a majority of poverty-stricken nations, there is little motivation to educate girls especially if they can go to work instead of going to school

  • Girls are often viewed as a liability to be married off as soon as possible while a family or tribe will pool resources to move a promising boy forward

  • Education is the key to hope and a better life

Statistically, the return on investment for every girl who graduates from high school as an educated woman is a huge societal win: They educate their own children, they are far less likely to contract AIDS, and both marriage and motherhood are delayed which result in more mature wives and mothers.

"Educating girls yields a higher rate of return than any other investment available in the developing world."   - World Bank

coffee beansIn Kenya, Money Just Might Grow On Trees

Mwalimu Academy owns a 40-acre coffee plantation, but has not found an effective and reliable way to turn those coffee beans into cash. Now That You Know Foundation is working with Mwalimu Academy and the farmers that work their land to export these beans directly to an American retail market. That's thousands of pounds of shade-grown equatorial coffee beans. The farmers will be paid fairly. And the school will have more funds available to help its neediest students. At Now That You Know™, we believe self-reliance is a beautiful thing. We'd rather give a hand up than a hand-out.